Amy Epton

Of Counsel

Attorney Epton is a very experienced litigation attorney. She is a member of the trial bar of the Northern District of Illinois, and a member of the bar for the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals

One of Attorney Epton's cases has become a leading case that is now featured as an official annotation in the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and in the Illinois Minimum Wage Law.  That case has been cited by eleven federal judges in their opinions, and is also cited in legal treatises and law review articles.

Attorney Epton has been the lead attorney on cases as small as single plaintiff, and as large as a class of 121 plaintiffs.  Her cases have involved large multi-national defendants, as well as small “mom and pop” family-owned businesses.

Attorney Epton is also an accomplished artist with a few of her botanical drawings and paintings adorning houses and offices throughout Chicagoland area. With a better understanding of artist's work, our law firm can better represent musicians and artists to secure and protect their trademark and copyrights.