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Attorney Ford Banister (Founder)

L. Ford Banister, II is the Principal Attorney at Ford Banister IP, a full service American law firm dedicated to securing, maintaining, and protecting intellectual property rights. Ford Banister IP enforces intellectual property rights through the filing of lawsuits in American courts. If your trademarks and/or copyright protected materials are being violated, Ford Banister IP can stop the violations from continuing and obtain damages on your behalf, turning these violations into cash that you can use to grow and operate your business. Ford Banister IP also serves those accused of violating intellectual property rights with a practice focus on defending overseas ecommerce businesses who face lawsuits in American courts. In the past four years alone, Ford Banister IP has resolved more than 4,000 individual claims on behalf of merchants on the eBay, Amazon, Joom, Alibaba, AliExpress, Wish and other ecommerce platforms. For a full description of our legal services, see the firm website at Our international staff speaks English, Mandarin and Tagalog and can communicate in basic Spanish. Contact Ford Banister IP today to protect and defend your most valuable business asset, your intellectual property, and to resolve any claims made against your business for trademark or copyright violations.


  • Florida Coastal School of Law
    Juris Doctor (J.D.), Law

  • University of North Georgia
    Bachelor’s Degree, B.A. Political Science, B.S. Criminal Justice


  • American Bar Association

  • International Trademark Association (INTA)

  • New York City Bar Association

  • New York State Bar Association



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