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Amazon Sellers Attorney

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Amazon Sellers Attorney

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We represent Amazon sellers who have been wronged.

If Amazon wronged you, acting decisively and promptly is crucial. Reach out to the legal team at Ford Banister, LLC. Our team will fight to help you reclaim what’s yours.

Our team of lawyers helps sellers stand a chance at recovering what’s theirs.

Seized Funds Arbitration: We are experienced in resolving cases where Amazon has seized seller funds.

Intellectual Property Protection: Assistance with trademark, copyright, and patent issues, including infringement cases. 

Arbitration: Proper legal representation when you need it most. Our team will strategize how to manage your case and create formidable arguments in support of your claim. 

Amazon Arbitration Lawyer 

When you partner with Amazon, you agree to resolve disputes through arbitration rather than court proceedings. This process is generally faster and more cost-effective.

We help sellers demand a hearing for arbitration. Our team prepares persuasive arguments, focusing on identifying key issues while supplying evidence in favor of our clients and presenting them effectively during arbitration.

>> The Importance of a Well-Crafted Arbitration Document: The arbitration document is critical. It’s sent to the American Arbitration Association and Amazon’s office. This document forms the basis of the arbitration proceedings and is referenced throughout. A strong arbitration submission can lead to Amazon settling the case, possibly avoiding the need for a hearing.

You need an experienced attorney on your side.
Amazon will have one. You should too. 

Many sellers don’t realize the importance of having an experienced attorney on their side until it’s too late. Our Founder, Attorney Ford Banister, is uniquely qualified to handle your Amazon-related legal issues.  Our legal team has the knowledge and experience to back up their statements when they say they know how to battle giants and win. 



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