IP Litigation

We can represent the plaintiff or defendant in an intellectual property case.

Our lawyers are highly experienced in and out of the courtroom. Handling thousands of IP claims has allowed us to gain a global reputation as industry leaders. If you find yourself entering a legal battle where you need excellent legal representation, contact the legal team at Ford Banister, LLC.

US Amazon Litigation Attorney

Litigation services from Ford Banister, LLC. 

How our attorneys can help you in your IP-related case: 

  • Trademark infringement and unfair competition 
  • Patent disputes 
  • Copyright infringement 
  • Counterfeiting

Intellectual property is personal to your business, and when your IP rights have been violated, it can cost your business profit, damage your reputation, and create barriers if you decide to expand. 

Do you need to speak with an IP litigation attorney?

Our Founder, Ford Banister, has earned a global reputation as an excellent litigator and is known for delivering results.  Contact the law firm hundreds of businesses trust to handle their litigation and intellectual property right violation enforcement actions. 

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Comprehensive approach to intellectual property litigation

We handle all types of IP disputes, including litigation, arbitration, and mediation. Our lawyers are skilled and renowned for their ability to deliver results and execute their duty to their clients.

Having handled over 5,000 IP-related claims in the last decade means we know what we’re talking about.

We prioritize an effective process centered around you and your case, ensuring the right amount of firm resources are allocated to your case while delivering predictable and continuous client communication.  Our goal is to surpass your expectations while striving to create powerful arguments and strategies to deliver on your business goals.

Experience is priceless. If you need legal representation to fight or defend against an IP rights violation, then choosing Ford Banister, LLC is your next step.

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