Lydia Pittaway

Of Counsel

Lydia Pittaway is an experienced civil and criminal defense litigator who intervenes in various complex cases. When a case cannot be settled, Lydia litigates to defend and assert the rights of clients.

Lydia has counseled and represented clients in administrative law, insurance disputes, torts and other civil damages, as well as criminal matters. Lydia has represented the interests of government agencies, insurance carriers, corporations, business entities, and individuals.

Currently, Lydia assists clients in the prosecution and defense of trademark and copyright litigation. In addition, Lydia has experience handling arbitration with third party platforms such as Amazon.

Lydia has more than 15 years of litigation and case management experience in complex civil and criminal matters. This experience includes dozens of trials in state and federal court, as well as appellate and oral argument experience in state and federal courts.

A graduate of Wayne State University (Detroit, Michigan), and Florida Coastal School of Law (Jacksonville, Florida), she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (*cum laude*), and a Juris Doctorate (with Honors). Even before setting foot in an actual courtroom, she has proven capable as a law school student by winning several high grade awards, the award for Best Advocate in Appellate Advocacy and Best Defense Team in Mock Trial.