When should I hire an attorney to deal with Amazon for arbitration?

When should I hire an attorney to deal with Amazon for arbitration?

If Amazon has frozen your account and is keeping your money, you should contact an attorney as quickly as possible. 

Amazon will likely try to negotiate with you directly. Any communication you have with Amazon can be used as evidence against you later. Securing legal counsel from the beginning can help increase your chance for a favorable outcome.  

At Ford Banister LLC, we help Amazon Sellers stand a fighting chance at recovering undeposited funds. Over the years, we’ve had consistent positive results for our clients. Contact us today regarding your Amazon Arbitration Case.

When should I hire an attorney to deal with Amazon for arbitration

How can an Amazon Lawyer help you?

An Amazon Attorney is there to fight for you to help you continue operating your business as usual. We can offer you support for an existing issue or ongoing guidance.

If you’re a third-party seller on Amazon and you are facing an account suspension, have undeposited funds, or simply want legal counsel, our U.S. Amazon lawyers can help.   

Our Amazon lawyers give Amazon Sellers a Fighting Chance.

Here are some of the ways Ford Banister LLC can help you as an Amazon Seller:

  • Help you recover undeposited funds
  • Address and resolve intellectual property complaints
  • Provide ongoing guidance to keep your seller account healthy to help avoid a suspension

Why choose Ford Banister LLC for your Amazon legal needs? 

Amazon has experienced lawyers on their side – you should too. 

Many Amazon Sellers try to fight Amazon on their own, only to realize later that they should have worked with an attorney. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late to work with an experienced lawyer. 

  •     We know how to get you paid when Amazon withholds your funds 
  •     Successful track record in helping Amazon Sellers with legal matters
  •     Fast and targeted solutions to deal with your Amazon Arbitration case
  •     Our lawyers have a deep and thorough understanding of Amazon’s policies
  •     Customized approach for your unique situation 
  •     Ongoing support and legal guidance 

Contact Attorney Ford Banister and his legal team for help with your Amazon Arbitration case.

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